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We stand for the voice of the artist

Artists are able to transform something highly personal into something that can be deeply felt by complete strangers. When artists help us see and understand their world through their work, we can truly appreciate and be transformed by their art.


Amplifying the power of art and artists

Our mission is to grow the boundaries of art’s reach by expanding access to the voice of the artist. We created Artifact to make this personal connection as approachable as possible, and to make it easier for both artists and art lovers to create that bond.


Making every digital encounter with art meaningful

By making the artist’s voice an integral piece of any digital art experience, our mission is to foster a deeper and more substantial level of public participation in emerging art and equip artists, galleries, institutions and other art professionals with the tools to realize the potential of their newfound audiences.

Moderated. Verified. Primary-sourced.

All information is primary sourced — straight from the mind, heart and hand of the artist

All affiliations are automatically, mutually verified through Artifact before going live

Experience art your own way—without the noise of likes and comments

We are holistically capturing an era through creative expression

There are no likes and comments on Artifact — we encourage deeper interaction

Learn how people digest information tied to each work

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