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A single home to catalogue, moderate and publicize
all of your current and past student’s work

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Give your students an edge in their competitive industry with the tools to manage & grow their career

Artifact’s unique Artwork Profiles allow artists to shape the story behind their artwork and share it with the world, giving them a profile & access to a network that will grow with them throughout their career

Promote the creative
achievements of your

Create a beautiful Institution Profile that showcases the artworks and artists that have emerged from your institution and creates an interactive catalogue of professors and courses, highlighting what makes your institution stand out

Provide an intuitive tool for
in-class critiques, research
assignments & private
student moderation

Features specifically tailored to the needs of Institutions allow for more engaging and in-depth critiques as well as private moderation, and our living Encyclopedia connecting artwork to real world events & concepts creates entirely new research opportunities

Stay connected to your alumni

Track the growth of artists who were a part of your Institution, showcase their work, monitor their journey & easily contact them

Understand the professional history of prospective connections

Dive into the profiles of potential students, residents, teachers, prospective hires, consultants and collectors before you connect with them

Develop partnerships and grow your art world network

Explore a world of residencies, galleries & fellow art world institutions, research them through their interactive profiles and contact them directly

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